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L2CMS began as an opportunity to serve clients in new ways—to expand on how we could help partners achieve their goals.

Our parent company, INTREN, was built on a foundation of safety and identifying opportunities for clients and while executing utility construction projects. When it became clear that many clients had a need for custom services based on growing industry potential, L2CMS was formed. A DBA-specialty service company, L2CMS was established with the expertise of a carefully selected team and the support of INTREN’s industry network. These top performers began working to create one-of-a-kind solutions in program management, construction management and working with engineering partners to assist clients in areas competitors haven’t yet offered.

With our diverse experience and determination to provide the right solutions to clients—even if it’s a new area of opportunity—we aim to ensure the right solution every time so clients want to work with us each time a new challenge arises.