Pole Replacement ProgramOn the west coast, L2CMS is participating as a subcontractor with a comprehensive pole replacement program in central California. The program was developed to provide this west coast utility with a consistent, standardized and managed end-to-end solution for their comprehensive pole replacement program that will increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Working with two additional partners, the project began in early October with planned inspection of more than 35K electrical poles.  In the first half of 2017, L2CMS will manage the project estimating, project planning and closeout portions of the project.

L2CMS Pilots Service Upgrade ProgramL2CMS, a DBA of INTREN, is piloting an Agriculture/New Business Turnkey Program in order to bring more power to farmers in the Central Valley Region of California. The project is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) model focusing on electric distribution overhead and underground work. The purpose of the project is to provide clients with a more cost effective alternative to complete this type of work from start to finish.

Due to a major drought on the west coast, Central California farmers have begun to dig deeper in order to find the water they need to water their crops. Developed by L2CMS - a specialty service company concentrating on comprehensive pre-construction consultations, special program/project support and staff augmentation - the program is helping provide a more robust electrical distribution system to help farmers reach water at greater depths.